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Last April 20, 2016 and May 18, 2016, two Regional Learning Circles (RLC) were held at the Universit√§t der Bundeswehr (UniBW) M√ľnchen. Both RLCs were held at the UniBW M Building from 2 pm to 4 pm. The sessions started with the welcome remarks of Prof. Dr. Ulrike Lechner and followed by presentations of NITIM-ITN fellows and UniBW students. 

In the April RLC, Brian Gozun presented his researches on humanitarian logistics in the Philippines, and entrepreneurship and innovation studies in the United States, Spain and the Philippines as a postdoctoral fellow of the Innova Institute, La Salle  - University Ramon Llull, Barcelona Spain while Pi Lei shared his reflections as a doctoral fellow.  Brian talked about the lack of a formal humanitarian logistics group in the Philippines that leads to the insufficiency of data to be able to pursue modeling in humanitarian supply chain management. He also discussed entrepreneurship in various contexts and countries with a focus on entrepreneurial innovation, intention and influence. Lei, on the other hand, gave a personal account of the various stages of his doctoral studies and he emphasized the importance of cultivating networks and most especially friendships in his doctoral journey in Europe.

In the May RLC, there were two presentations from UniBW doctoral students, Barbeito Gonzalo and Manon Raap. The former presented his research titled "Improved System Dynamics Modelling of Data-Rich Systems: Big Data and Machine Learning for structure and parameter learning" and the latter presented her paper on "Moving Target Search Trajectory Optimization for Fixed-Wing UAVs. The first paper aims to improve modelling in system dynamics by utilizing big data while the second study would be useful in search operations by fixed-wing UAVs (or more popularly known as drones) in, for example, moving bodies of water. The topic of Barbeito is an initial topic that will be developed into a more detailed research proposal in the next few months while the study of Manon has undergone various applications and calibrations of algorithms and would have actual tests on the field in the near future.


Above: Participants of the Barcelona Research Workshop on Digital Innovation and Transformation
Barcelona group of researchers reconvene for workshop on Digital Innovation and Transformation
On 5 May 2016, different research groups from core business schools in Barcelona reconvened to hold a workshop on Digital Innovation and Transformation at IESE. Organized two to three times a year among business schools including La Salle – Universitat Ramon Llull, IESE, ESADE – Universitat Ramon Llull, and UOC (Open University of Catalonia), the aim of the workshop is to facilitate an exchange and strengthen the network among Barcelona-affiliated PhD candidates and faculty members working in broad areas of information system, management, and entrepreneurship.

The lead institution for this quarter’s workshop is IESE, led by Prof. Dr. Robert W. Gregory, who also gave a keynote address on ‘Conducting and Publishing Grounded Theory Research in Top Journals’. Five students in various stages of the PhD dissertation also presented their work in progress. Among the five students, three are based in Barcelona (ESADE and La Salle), while two are visiting from Germany (University of Cologne and University of Goettingen) and are affiliated with IESE.