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Published: Handbook on Networks in Innovation and Crisis Management

NITIM has published a "Handbook on Networks in Innovation and Crisis Management: Theory and Practice in a Dynamic and Disruptive Environment" as part of the research outcomes from the recently concluded European ITN project which was supported by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union.
The handbook aims to codify, align and disseminate research results that focus on the phenomena of network formation and evolution, the decision support and decision-making, as well as the modelling and planning aimed at coordination of network actors - organizations or individuals – in crisis management. Whereby we refer to crises as disruptive events of significant magnitude, such as natural disasters, acts of terrorism but also disruptive innovation.

The handbook consists of three seperate volumes.
  1. Network Dynamics and Formation of Coalitions : Volume 1
  2. Social Value Creation in Dynamic Networked Situations : Volume 2
  3. Decision Making and Logistics in Dynamic Networked Situations : Volume 3

Editors: Roland Ortt, Stefan Klein, Claudia B├╝cker.
It can be viewed & downloaded from here: published as Open Access under the License CC BY-ND 3.0 DE

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