Research Projects

NiTiM's Marie Slodowska-Curie Project consists of a portfolio of related research sub-projects from multiple disciplinary backgrounds on the phenomenon of “Crisis Management Networks”. Crisis Management Networks are formed to respond to crisis situations. They emerge and are reconfigured rapidly after a disaster. With the rapidly growing number and increasing cost of worldwide disasters this phenomenon is practically relevant and calls for novel technological and managerial solutions. At the same time it is theoretically interesting and a benign object of study because of the scale, the impact and the dynamics of crises. 

There are 12 PhD candidates and 2 Post Docs involved in the project, conducting research in the following areas and at the following institutions: 


  • The governance of dynamic networks (Leiden University, COT)  

  • The dynamics and organization of humanitarian logistics (University M√ľnster) 

  • Entrepreneurial actors in Crisis Networks (CeTIM, University BW Munich) 

  • Information Systems for collaboration and coordination in networks (La Salle, University Bw Munich, H&D) 

Further details on the project partnerns can be found on the About page. Find out more about the Marie Slodowska-Curie Actions Program here: 

E-learning Modules

NiTiM has also produced a number of E-learning modules. 

1. An Introduction to the Emergency Service Sector by Megan Anderson


2. Doodled Lectures: Researching Crisis and Disaters by Eula Bianca Villar


 3. Analysis of Critical Infrastructures via Complex DSS by Sorin Nistor


4. On Absorptive Capacity by Pi Lei


 5. Disruption Dynamics in Critical Infrastructure Networks by Elisa Canzani


 6. Building Entrepreneurial Resilience by Negin Samaee

 7. Digital Identities and Security by Nadia Abdu