Call for Papers (NITIM Summer School 2021)

Dear PhD Candidates,

The NITIM 2021 Summer School (June 17th – 18th, 2021) will be held online this year due to the existing travel restrictions and uncertainties. We invite PhD candidates to submit proposals, papers, or chapters. The core of the Summer School will be virtual group sessions of 3 PhD candidates and 2 faculty members in which the submissions are discussed. Below, we outline several submission options. 

The admission to the school will be based on the fit of the full proposal (or paper) with the topic of the school, and the overall quality of the submission. The submission will form the basis of the discussion and feedback at the Virtual Summer School, and is due by May 14th. Notification of acceptance to the school will be sent by May 31th

The NITIM Schools facilitate the development of doctoral research in the interdisciplinary field of Networks, Information, Technology and Innovation Management, bringing together PhD candidates and faculty members in a focused, in-depth, and constructive discussion of the candidates’ research work. We will have input from two keynote speeches titled ‘What makes a theory?’ by Dr. Maarten Franssen and ‘Systematic and Bibliometric Literature Studies: From Traditional Methods to Text Mining Approaches’ by Dr. Kevin Reuther. 

Participation in the Virtual Summer School will be free. After completion of the Summer School and a short learning report to be submitted within 2 weeks after NITIM, PhD candidates can receive a certificate.

NITIM Summer School 2021 – important deadlines:

Proposal SubmissionMay 14th, 2021
Notification of acceptance and proposal feedbackMay 31st, 2021
2021 Virtual Summer School     June 17th – 18th, 2021

Submission guidelines:

  • Proposals and thesis chapters: 12 pages max.
  • (Research) papers: 20 pages max.
  • Send your submission to

Choose from the following submission options: 

Year 1 proposal: 

  • Should show a basic structure of a PhD proposal and reference some literature. An important question is whether the domain is relevant to NITIM and whether (with coaching) a relevant study can be defined.

Year 2 proposal:

  • Articulate a mature research program of a suitable type and scope to make a contribution to the area. This includes describing and defending a choice of research methods for carrying out this program, and appropriate attention to the practical feasibility of the program.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the existing literature, mastery of relevant theories and ability to describe the gap in the existing research that the PhD candidate will exploit.
  • If this is not applicable to your program, choose from the options below.

Year 3 papers: 

  • Show (empirical) data / results of the study and initial directions of discussion and analysis, in the form of a research paper or thesis chapter [really not more than 20 pages].

Year 4 papers: 

  • Present drafts of discussion and conclusion sections for their study for review, in the form of a research paper or thesis chapter [really not more than 20 pages].

Furthermore, PhD candidates who have previously participated in the NITIM consortium are expected to clearly position their current presentation vis-à-vis the previous one(s), e.g. emphasize theoretical backing and contribution, research design and project plan, research methods.

Note: We encourage you to keep submissions concise, adhering to the page limitations: a longer submission does not lead to more feedback. 

School Chairs

Rewat Thapa, Vladimir Sobota, Christina Lang 

Program committee

Roland Ortt (TU Delft, NL)

Stefan Klein (Universität Münster, DE)

Guido Baltes (HTWG Konstanz, DE)

Laurent Dupont (Université Lorraine, FR)

Dragos Vieru (Université Téluq, Montréal, CA)

We look forward to seeing you online! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

For further information, please follow:


NITIM Summer School 2021 Organisation Team

Vladimir Sobota, Rewat Thapa, Christina Lang; Laurent Dupont, Stefan Klein & Roland Ortt 

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