NITIM concentrates on three focus topics


Entrepreneurship & Innovation

NiTiM welcomes PhD students who research on topics in the entrepreneurship and innovation domains. In the past years, topics centring around business models, new venture performance, ecosystems / networks, entrepreneurial support, corporate entrepreneurship, female entrepreneurship, sustainable entrepreneurship, innovation creation, innovation management, and innovation marketing have been profoundly discussed during the summer school. However, students working on further topics considered relevant to the focus area entrepreneurship and innovation are warmly welcome to bring in their research as well.

Digital Transformation & Digital Technologies

NiTiM welcomes researchers specialized in areas such as digital technologies, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, as well as in the areas of digitalization and digital transformation, which encompass projects related to IT systems, governance, ethics, security, resilience, and more. We warmly welcome researchers who are involved in these topics to become a part of the NiTiM network and apply to our summer school. By doing so, they can actively participate in knowledge exchange and obtain valuable feedback.

Engineering & Systems Integration

Traditionally, NiTiM also embraces scholars active in the engineering domain. The focus is on merging interdisciplinary engineering methods within enterprises, enhancing advanced manufacturing systems, fostering sustainable practices, optimizing supply chains, advancing reliability and maintenance, and exploring intelligent systems alongside robotics. We warmly welcome researchers to apply systems engineering principles to industrial challenges and to share their innovative findings in our collaborative community.
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